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What should i do about Chapped lips?

its getting colder outside, and i get pretty bad chapped lips and i absolutly hate it. in addition to chapped lips i get red-ness around my lips, (no not herpes to all the smart -asses) so what shoulld i do? what kinda chap stick would u recomend? what should i do about the redness around my lips? and im useing vasolne know, does that work better then chap stik?What should i do about Chapped lips?
One way you can get chapped lips is from being in the cold for too long without using chapstick. I reccomend using Blistex or Burt's Bees chapsticks. Also, another reason for chapped lips is not drinking enough water. For this, I reccomend drinking the right anount of water (not a lot at all at the same time, because that can lead to water poisening, which is a whole other story). Don't drink it all at one time, because you can get water poisening which is very serious.

Hope this helped!!

~haha28em~What should i do about Chapped lips?
i have the same thing where i have chapped lips and around it its reddish. i use blistex. i feel like carmex makes that reddish area burn and it peals your lips. and once you use carmex, you can't stop or your lips will be swollen for a couple of days. thats just me though. vaseline is alright but its better to use something that is actually designed for what you need.

hope this helps (:
Don't use Vaseline on your lips! I got a black line around my lips from using Vaseline on them regularly, and my lips were BADLY chapped 24/7. My friends and family had the same experiences. Use Chapstick. The red cherry flavoured one is really good. I recommend those.

I heard Katy Perry likes cherry Chapstick. ;D
carmex chapstick is amazing

i use it and it keeps my lips not chapped at all

and i live in a really cold place so i know it works good
i had this.Go to the pharmacy and ask for a cream for this. Helped me after few days. Otherwise never forget to moisturize your lips.
the best thing to do is to find any old chap stick and leave it on that includes putting it around your lips. also vaseline works but not as well as a chapstick
Chapstick(the brand)

Chapstick, i recommend Rainforest, or Vaseline. They both work fine.
I recommend putting Chapstick or another lip treatment on at night. That way it has 8 hours to go to work.
you should try blistex.... in the dark green tube...

What can I do for chapped lips?

they're the worse chapped lips i've ever had, they've been this way for 3 days. I tryed using hand lotion, and that worked super for the first night, but ever sence then it hasn';t helped any. someone told me it was the change in climate from travelling down to near phoenix, but even now that I'm back in the mountains, they are still as chapped as ever and its starting to cause me lots of pain and discomfort. What is causing this and what can I do about it?What can I do for chapped lips?
use burts bees chapstickWhat can I do for chapped lips?
umm...just use chastick and regulary mayb 2 to 3 times a day. Use it a lot easpecially when it is cold
dont lick them, keep them moist with chapstick or you can buy special creams and things at the local pharmacy that will clear it up really quick, if it gets worse, see a doctor and get a prescription for some stronger cream.
lips get chapped because they are dried out, drink ALOT of water and it will help cure it for good and use chapstick or Carmex also for temporary immediate relief. keep drinking lots of water is the best bet though.
carmex and dont lick your lips
use neosporin ( triple antibiotic ointment )

and drink a ton of water
load them up with vaseline
I suggest Carmex. Its really good but a little on the expensive side. If you can't find any then buy a big tub of vaseline and just keep applying it to your lips and they should soon clear up.

In the mean time, try not to touch or lick your ips, this will only make them worse!
i use burt's bees chapstick. It works great!
get some chap stick or if u dont hav any u just get ur lips wet with somthing else than ur saliva
use a medicated lip balm like blistex, it will heal the damage done while protecting from further damage
I suggest Chapstick. I suggest medicated Blistex, or Burts Bees Wax. It is phenomenal!
you know in some countries people use their ear wax as chapstick.
Mentholatum and drink plenty of water.
Vasoline works great for super dry lips. It stays on the lips longer and sinks in faster also olive oil or regular honey is wonderful and works real fast. :)
Well I would try some intense care chapstick for during the day,make sure it has a high SPF(sun protection factor) and for the night vasaline gell. Make sure to drink A TON of water and DON';T lick your lips AT ALL!
My fiance uses coconut oil - the type you find in the cooking oil section of the grocery store. It has no smell or flavor and within a day or 2 his lips look and feel 100 times better.
lip therapy vaseline
Any chapstick.

They all work the same.

Just keep applying it. After you eat, before you sleep, after you brush your teeth, etc...

The climate change might possibly be why, like they said.
chapstick s the best stuff in the world!! and, if you are a girl, lip gloss works too- the moisterizing kind. but if you are a guy, no lip gloss, please.
Drink tons of water. But best tip: use vaseline (yes i know it sounds sick but it's great for the lips). My last boyfriend did this and his lips were ALWAYS soft.
go get some Berts Bees wax,try to stay away from carmex you will become dependant on it
i lived in the mountains for a while and had this problem. vasaline/petroleum jelly were the only things that really cut the chap.

What is the best natural remedy for chapped lips?

i was just wondering what is the best remedy for chapped lips, since i found i may be allergeic to some substance that are in ordinary chapped lips. i was wondering are there any other lotions, creams, oil out there that soothe the skin and speed up healingWhat is the best natural remedy for chapped lips?
You might want to discuss this with your doctor.

The olden days Vaseline Petroleum Jelly was used. I don't know if anyone is allergic to it -- maybe it's worth discussing with your doctor who knows you...What is the best natural remedy for chapped lips?
You may want to try Burt's Bees Beeswax lip balm, only because the Burt's Bees line of products try to stay as natural as they can get for skin products. (I sound like a TV ad.) It's about $3 for lip balm but it might be worth the money if you're looking for a more natural way to go. I'm usually buying Carmex or similar lip balm but that might be a little harsh for sensitive lips.
The best, natural remedy you have on your own body-it is the oil produced behind your ear and works very well as a prevention and aides the healing process.

Moisturizers, creams and lotions usually have alcohol or some form of evaporation and usually succeeds in drying out the lips and making the problem worse.

Lip balms, chap-sticks etc. paste a thick layer over the damaged skin and not allow the damaged area to get rid of the dead while making new skin extending the amount of time to heal. Using these as a prevention does the opposite as skin will quit manufacturing it's own when it senses there is too much there already.

A light coat of Vaseline can help to prevent severe cracking without drying out your lips worse. LIGHT COAT!

Tie up your TONGUE!!! In other words, don't lick your lips. It always makes it worse!! I know its hard NOT to do.

Tell yourself your body will send in a bunch a ';lip driers'; because they know you are not suppose to have wet lips. They do exist just as ';moisture makers'; do.


Anything other than chapstick that cures chapped lips?

I get chapped lips a lot because i play the trumpet, and because i'm one of those people that as soon as it gets cold if i don't put on chap stick every 20 minutes or so my lips get chapped. Is there any way that's more effective, but i don't have to do a lot? I'm not saying as an alternative to chap stick, but as an extra benefactor. thanks! Anything other than chapstick that cures chapped lips?
when i dont have chapstick i take my sweater and keep my mouth against it and blow warm air. after about the 10th time, my lips dont hurt as much.Anything other than chapstick that cures chapped lips?
i had the same problem (i play french horn)

putting chapstick on before you play will just make your lips slide around on the mouthpiece...and you dont want that

i put on a really thick coat of chap stick brand lip balm (it's my favorite) right before bed, and when i wake up, my lips are good

and i dont have to keep reapplying throughout the day
vaseline and more water in your diet. You could always put the chapstick on before you play the trumpet too and after you play. That will help your lips not be aggravated by the pressure.
plain vaseline like most people said and also try Burt's Bee (that's the brand name) of lip balm, they are wonderful and soothing. and some are specially made for people who have severe chapped lips
For myself, nearly anything, including Chapstick chaps my lips.

My lips are healthiest if I use nothing at all.
use Vaseline
try drinking more water.... chaped lips is a sign ur not gettin enough water.

Anyone have a solution for chronically chapped lips?

I don't use chapstick, and in fact I don't like anything coating my lips-even lipstick bugs me. But my lips are consistently chapped. Kissing totally aggravates it too.

Any solutions?Anyone have a solution for chronically chapped lips?
It sounds like you need to heal them up, and to do that you need to put some soothing balm on them. I usually use chapstick or Mary Kay's Satin Lips Lip Balm. The lip balm comes with a lip exfoliator which works wonders, but you can really get the same result by brushing your lips at the same time you brush your teeth, as someone has already suggested. Also, don't lick your lips as this just irritates already sensitive skin.

Last, but certainly not least, you need to drink more water to stop the chapping from coming back. That was my mom's favorite remedy for everything when I was growing up, and strangely enough, it's just the thing for chapped lips.

Hope this helps!Anyone have a solution for chronically chapped lips?
I agree with the vaseline it works great on my chapped lips.

Also its not that expensive wich is a plus.

Also if u have any dry or chapped skin anywhere else u can use the vaseline there also.

Carmex is also good.

But I prefer vaseline.


The reason the stuff probably bugs you is becasue your lips are chapped in the first place. You need to heal them just like dry skin that itches.

Buy one of the ';softer'; lip treatments. Vaseline makes a good one. You don't need to use a lot. Just a tiny bit will spread a long ways. After a couple of minutes, you probably won't even know it's there. Use it in the morning before you leave and at night before you go to bed, but probably after the kissing otherwise it will wear off.
You've got to find something that you like to keep your lips moisturized. Tha't the only way to cure it. Olive oil heals chapped lips!
I used to have terrible lips too. I hate all lip balms except Chapstick. When I brush my teeth, I also brush my lips. I rinse my mouth and then put on Chapstick EVERYTIME. I constantly use it throughout the day, and I NEVER have any problems anymore.
Yeah i agree with carmex. I swear by carmex it helped me during the hot summers in FT Bliss El Paso and the cold winters In FT Drumm Upstate N.Y. You just gotta get over having balms on your lips or you will be plagued with gross lips for ever
Lips don't have oil glands like the rest of your body. They are more prone to chapping. The solution, when confronted with dry weather, is that you need to apply some emolient to your lips. Chapsticks is good. So is Vaseline. Or anything else like olive oil.
Try Euciren by Aquapohra it reallllly works for me.

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  • How to prevent chapped lips?

    What is the best home remedy to prevent dry, red, chapped lips?How to prevent chapped lips?
    lots of vaseline all over your mouthHow to prevent chapped lips?
    chapstick. effective and cheap :-)
    Bag Balm! Absorbs better than Vaseline, usually available at CVS.

    How do i cure my chapped lips?

    Hi ! i have very chapped lips and i dont know what to do !!! are there any natural ways to cure it ??? pleez helpHow do i cure my chapped lips?
    VASELINE! i swear by this, try it. i put it on before bed and i looove it. try it!

    OH AND GET SOME CARMEX IN THE TUBE, IT HELPS DURING THE DAY AND ITS KINDA GLOSSY AND LOOKS Pretty. sorry about the capsHow do i cure my chapped lips?
    Vaseline works best!! I spent a lot of time in the hospital and IV's. Many times, I wasn't allowed anything to eat or drink, therefore, I would get very dry. My nurses would give me vaseline for my lips and it always worked. It kept my lips very soft.

    I hope this helps!!

    There is lip balm with ingredients that can help.

    The best thing you can do to avoid chapped lips is to stop licking them. You can get Eczema on your lips.
    there is a balm called rose-bud. it is the best thing I have ever tried. you can get it at a drug store.
    vaseline i am a doctor and i get this question alot also dont lick lips and use chap stick so your lips dont get chapped u that during day nad vaseline at nite b4 bed!


    Any lip care product should work, vaseline, burts bees, caramex, chapstick, etc.etc. Try to avoid licking your lips alot an dkeep them out of the sun and wind.
    well if you lick you lips alot stop. That will help the lips heal. And you probably need to start putting on chap stick.
    Just put on chapstick, don't take hot showers, and don't lick your lips.
    Best one ive found is Blistex Lip Medex (comes in both tub or tube). It was recommended by the pharmacist and I love it.
    Theres a chapstick called softlips it does wonders! =]
    Burt's Bees lip balm. Use it several times a day. Even 'sandpaper' lip will be gone within 24 hours.
    ya use vaseline, or just buy some chapstix at ur local store.